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Engineering Draft

We offer design and drafting solutions across multiple industries including Oil Refineries, FPSOs, Engineering Production, Manufacturing and Automotive preparing new designs, or existing drawing files or 3D scanned objects and change them to match their design requirements. We also provide all documentation to ensure an audit trail for onward dissemination. We work with a variety of CAD software and employ all relevant engineering standards (EN, ISO, API, HAZOP, IEC, ASME, BS, ANSI, ISBN, SAFE) as per the project requirements.

Cryogenic Design 

Our Cryogenic Design team have experience of design and development of most technologically advanced systems on the market. Before creating any cryogenic system, we ensure that the design undergoes a thorough safety review. Safety issues like safety systems, structural safety, fluid safety, electrical safety etc are considered and reviewed. Other important considerations in the performance of cryogenic systems are reliability and maintainability which is checked and verified through various engineering tools.

The designs are verified and reviewed against potential issues such as: 

  • Potential for over pressure leading to container rupture; 
  • Possibility of asphyxiation due to displacement of air; 
  • Danger of low temperature exposure to personnel; 
  • Fire hazard (H2, O2, CH4); and 
  • Material Safety Issues. 

Design and Manufacture 

We support projects throughout the life cycle, including initial concept design and subsequent development, physical design, precision testing and simulation, product and process analysis and ongoing manufacturing support. 

Our multidisciplinary teams and product designers can support turn brilliant ideas into practical reality. In addition, product designers can undertake a review of any current product, combined with user feedback to suggest a range of modifications including ease of build, enhancing usability, economy or any other aspect of the design.

Our process includes: 

  • Concept/ Idea formulation; 
  • Research and Product Specification; 
  • Detailed Product Design; 
  • Testing and Validation; and 
  • Production Support.