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Santane has won the 2-year Framework Agreement for HSEQ Assurance Professional Services with The Oil and Pipelines Agency. The Oil and Pipelines Agency (OPA) is a statutory corporation of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the United Kingdom. Its current role is to operate six coastal Oil Fuel Depots on behalf of the MoD.


The services under this Framework of HSEQ Assurance Professional Service is to provide services to the various activities associated with the Operation and Maintenance at various locations. This framework is to provide Ad-Hoc Process Safety Support / Consultancy services to the Oil and Pipelines Agency (OPA) on a per project basis, in order to allow OPA to fulfil its requirements as a COMAH Operator for Oil Fuel Depots (OFDs) on behalf of the MoD.

Given the hazardous environment in which works will be undertaken in (Upper tier COMAH sites) the service delivery requires high standards of Health and Safety practices and procedures in place.

We will offer following services under this framework:

  1. Process Safety
  • COMAH Reports
    • Production of a COMAH report
    • Full COMAH Report
    • Pre-Construction COMAH Report
    • Pre-Operational COMAH Report
    • Modification COMAH Report
  • Consequence modelling
    • Assessment of the consequences posed by each MAH at each site
  • OBRA
    • Risk assessment for the potential risk to people located in buildings on site.
  • HAZOPs
    • Chairing and/or Facilitating HAZOP meetings for significant modifications
  • LOPA / SIL Assessments
    • Chairing and/or Facilitating LOPA / SIL Assessments for significant modifications
  • Bowtie Assessments
    • Assessment of MAH scenarios
  • Audits
    • Assessment of compliance against a set of criteria e.g. ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO9001, SMS, PTW
  • Incident investigations
    • Investigation of process safety incidents on OPA premises


2. Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)

The services include provision of:

  • Hazardous Area Classification Reports for new equipment
  • Review and update of Hazardous Area Classification Reports for all sites, following changes to the site or changes to guidance/legislation.
  • Updated HAC drawings